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Computer programming schools educate students so that they have the skills to write, test and maintain the detailed instructions, referred to as programs, which is vital for a computer to perform necessary functions. Computer schools also give students the skills to conceive, design and test logical structures so that problems can be solved with the computer. Certifications are offered by computer programming schools in both legacy and emerging computer languages to prepare students with a well rounded knowledge base. Browse the computer schools below to find a program that meets your needs.
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Available Programs:
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Concentration in Multimedia and Visual Communication
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a Concentration in Software Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a Concentration in Web Development
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology-Software Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/Software Engineering

Campus Locations:
Alabama, AL Arizona, AZ
California, CA Colorado, CO
Florida, FL Georgia, GA
Hawaii, HI Indiana, IN
Kansas, KS Kentucky, KY
Louisiana, LA Maryland, MD
Michigan, MI Mississippi, MS
Missouri, MO Nevada, NV
New Jersey, NJ New Mexico, NM
Ohio, OH Oklahoma, OK
Oregon, OR Tennessee, TN
Utah, UT Virginia, VA
Washington DC Wisconsin, WI

Available Programs:
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Software Engineering

Campus Locations:
Kenosha, WI

Available Programs:
IS: Programming
IT: Programming Technology
IT: Web Development Technology
Information Systems: Programming
MSIS: Systems Development Management

Campus Locations:
Alabama, AL Arkansas, AR
Delaware, DE Florida, FL
Georgia, GA Indiana, IN
Kentucky, KY Louisiana, LA
Maryland, MD Minnesota, MN
Mississippi, MS New Jersey, NJ
North Carolina, NC Ohio, OH
Pennsylvania, PA South Carolina, SC
Tennessee, TN Texas, TX
Utah, UT Virginia, VA
Washington D.C., DC West Virginia, WV

Available Programs:
Software Development: Major in Game Software Development (B)

Campus Locations:
Anaheim (Anaheim CA), CA Chicago OHare Airport (Chicago IL), IL
Denver North (Denver CO), CO Los Angeles (Los Angeles CA), CA

Available Programs:
Associate of Science in Computer Programming

Campus Locations:
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Available Programs:
Enterprise Solutions Developer
Oracle Database Administration and Enterprise Solutions Developer

Campus Locations:
Framingham Campus, MA

Available Programs:
Computer Career - Microcomputer Applications
Computer Career - Solutions Developer

Campus Locations:
Fortis Institute Erie, PA

Available Programs:
Computer & Networking Technology

Campus Locations:
Springfield, OR Wilsonville, OR

Available Programs:
Computer Programming & Database Management

Campus Locations:
Fort Myers, FL

Available Programs:
Computer Applications Management
Computer Applications Specialist
Digital Media

Campus Locations:
White Plains, NY

Available Programs:
Electronics Engineering
Simulation and Game Programming - Bachelor

Campus Locations:
Charleston, SC Greensboro, NC
Newport News, VA

Available Programs:
Computer Applications Management
Computer Applications Specialist

Campus Locations:
Phoenixville, PA

Available Programs:
Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Campus Locations:
Elgin, IL

Available Programs:
Software Applications and Programming

Campus Locations:
Madison (Huntsville), AL Phoenix (NW Phoenix Area), AZ
Phoenix (Tempe), AZ ITT Tech, IN
Campus Locations:

Alabama Campuses
Madison (Huntsville), AL - ITT Technical Institute
Alabama, AL - University of Phoenix
Alabama, AL - Strayer University - Campus
Arizona Campuses
Phoenix (NW Phoenix Area), AZ - ITT Technical Institute
Phoenix (Tempe), AZ - ITT Technical Institute
Arizona, AZ - University of Phoenix
Arkansas Campuses
Arkansas, AR - Strayer University - Campus
California Campuses
Anaheim (Anaheim CA), CA - Westwood College
California, CA - University of Phoenix
Los Angeles (Los Angeles CA), CA - Westwood College
Colorado Campuses
Colorado, CO - University of Phoenix
Denver North (Denver CO), CO - Westwood College
Delaware Campuses
Delaware, DE - Strayer University - Campus
District of Columbia Campuses
Washington D.C., DC - Strayer University - Campus
Washington DC - University of Phoenix
Florida Campuses
Florida, FL - University of Phoenix
Fort Lauderdale, FL - Keiser University
Fort Myers, FL - Southwest Florida College
Florida, FL - Strayer University - Campus
Georgia Campuses
Georgia, GA - University of Phoenix
Georgia, GA - Strayer University - Campus
Hawaii Campuses
Hawaii, HI - University of Phoenix
Illinois Campuses
Chicago OHare Airport (Chicago IL), IL - Westwood College
Elgin, IL - Computer Systems Institute
Indiana Campuses
ITT Tech, IN - ITT Technical Institute
Indiana, IN - University of Phoenix
Indiana, IN - Strayer University - Campus
Kansas Campuses
Kansas, KS - University of Phoenix
Kentucky Campuses
Kentucky, KY - University of Phoenix
Kentucky, KY - Strayer University - Campus
Louisiana Campuses
Louisiana, LA - University of Phoenix
Louisiana, LA - Strayer University - Campus
Maryland Campuses
Maryland, MD - University of Phoenix
Maryland, MD - Strayer University - Campus
Massachusetts Campuses
Framingham Campus, MA - American Career Institute
Michigan Campuses
Michigan, MI - University of Phoenix
Minnesota Campuses
Minnesota, MN - Strayer University - Campus
Mississippi Campuses
Mississippi, MS - University of Phoenix
Mississippi, MS - Strayer University - Campus
Missouri Campuses
Missouri, MO - University of Phoenix
Nevada Campuses
Nevada, NV - University of Phoenix
New Jersey Campuses
New Jersey, NJ - University of Phoenix
New Jersey, NJ - Strayer University - Campus
New Mexico Campuses
New Mexico, NM - University of Phoenix
New York Campuses
White Plains, NY - The College of Westchester
North Carolina Campuses
Greensboro, NC - ECPI University
North Carolina, NC - Strayer University - Campus
Ohio Campuses
Ohio, OH - University of Phoenix
Ohio, OH - Strayer University - Campus
Oklahoma Campuses
Oklahoma, OK - University of Phoenix
Oregon Campuses
Oregon, OR - University of Phoenix
Springfield, OR - Pioneer Pacific College
Wilsonville, OR - Pioneer Pacific College
Pennsylvania Campuses
Fortis Institute Erie, PA - Fortis College
Phoenixville, PA - Lansdale School of Business
Pennsylvania, PA - Strayer University - Campus
South Carolina Campuses
Charleston, SC - ECPI University
South Carolina, SC - Strayer University - Campus
Tennessee Campuses
Tennessee, TN - Strayer University - Campus
Tennessee, TN - University of Phoenix
Texas Campuses
Texas, TX - Strayer University - Campus
Utah Campuses
Utah, UT - Strayer University - Campus
Utah, UT - University of Phoenix
Virginia Campuses
Newport News, VA - ECPI University
Virginia, VA - Strayer University - Campus
Virginia, VA - University of Phoenix
West Virginia Campuses
West Virginia, WV - Strayer University - Campus
Wisconsin Campuses
Kenosha, WI - Herzing University
Wisconsin, WI - University of Phoenix
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