The business programs for working adults provides an innovative learning environment where adult students can complete their degree, while maintaining their careers and personal lives. Degree programs at the Associate, Bachelor and Master level can accelerate your career and increase your salary, job security, and career options.

You will take one class at a time, and your classes will meet one night per week for four hours at a location near your home or office. Classes meet on the same night for the length of the program and your study group meets one night a week.

Indiana Wesleyan University strives to provide the most up-to-date and practical business and management education possible through:

The use of academically qualified business professionals to teach professionally-oriented courses, integrating theory and practice in a meaningful way.

  • Emphasis on an instructional model utilizing small groups of experienced adults working in teams to solve management problems.
  • Reliance on highly motivated adult learners making effective use of out-of-class learning time.
  • Thoughtful attention to the ethical issues which arise in business and management activities.
  • Regular review and updating of curriculum by business leaders and other management experts.
 Indiana Wesleyan University - Louisville
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