Founded in 1979, Platt College offers sound education programs built upon a solid foundation. The idea that education is the foundation for personal and professional growth has been transformed into a principle that the college faculty and staff still remain dedicated to every day. Students obtain a challenging and intimate class environment where they can grow not only academically, but personally and socially as well.

Diverse faculty play an integral role in not just the classroom, but in students’ complete academic experience as well. Teaching quality is blended with industry excellence to best serve the needs of students and their future employers in today’s dynamic and in-demand fields like:

Allied Health
•    Dental Assistant
•    Medical Assistant / Phlebotomy
•    Pharmacy Technician
•    Surgical Technologist
•    Respiratory Care
•    Medical Laboratory Technician

•    Culinary Arts
•    Bachelor of Science in Restaurant Management
•    Pastry Arts

•    Associate of Occupational Studies in Practical Nursing
•    Associate of Science in Nursing
•    Bachelor of Science in Nursing

We at Platt College value the individuality of our student body. That’s why our belief in, and pursuit of, individualized education ensures that each student has the recognition and opportunity to learn the way they learn best through hands-on experience in their chosen field.

Platt College’s growth since its inception more than 30 years ago has been steady and progressive. It continually reflects our undeniable commitment to our ultimate belief: valuing every student and their right to a marketable education for the opportunity of a successful career.

Accept our warm welcome into the Platt College family, and be prepared for a life changing journey.
 Platt College
Platt College
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